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My Devil's the Storm (Live - May 2019)

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You were the hologram
That my hand just slipped through
You were the followed lamb
But the shepherds lost you
You were the poem, the nightmare, the flake of snow
That melted as soon as it formed
You were the pentagram
But my devil’s the storm

You were the mirror
That distorted my face
You made me see clearer
I’d fallen from grace
You were a thousand tiny embers
That could never keep me warm
You were the raindrop
But my devil’s the storm

You were the jester
When I was locked in the tower
While I was sequestered
You would tunnel for hours
And you broke the bricks of my prison
With your shank forged from a spoon
You lit up the sky
While I turned off the moon

Now wax from the candles
Has erased these five points
But my soul is a scandal
That no priest could anoint
And the rag of my penance is drenched
With the scent of your heart’s chloroform
I tricked your angels
To get lost in my storm
You were the seraph
When my devil was born
But I built us a shelter
Now come out of the storm