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October Ember

Jennifer Dutiel and Kevin Holland are a multi-instrumentalist couple with a penchant for the quirky and the beautiful. They formed October Ember in early 2017.

Sipping an espresso while hurtling through the cosmos, pondering one’s existence while the wispy sounds of softened reeds, dreamy guitars, and intricate percussion paint an aural tapestry for the film of existence.  Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, October Ember writes songs about spaceships, tortillas, devils, light waves, hallucinations, kindness, humanism, mortality, and love. A cross-pollination of indie lounge, Euro cafe, art pop, and punk cabaret, their exploration of odd time signatures, neo-minimalist pulses, ethereal timbres, and vast dynamic spectra transmutes ontology into sound.  A spark forged in the flames of Cohen and Cummings, their lyricism delves into the abyss of human frailty, but surfaces to meet the light ashore.

Jennifer Dutiel – vox, melodica, synth, ukulele, percussion, glockenspiel
Kevin Holland – guitar, synth, ukulele, percussion, flute, kalimba, engineering.

October Ember is often joined by the madly talented and delightful Troy Kunkler on drums and vibraphone.

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