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Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, October Ember is comprised of Jennifer Dutiel & Kevin Holland, a multi-instrumentalist couple with a penchant for the quirky & the beautiful. A cross-pollination of folk, indie lounge, Euro cafe, art pop, & punk cabaret, their exploration of odd time signatures, neo-minimalist pulses, ethereal timbres, & vast dynamic spectra transmutes ontology into sound. With the wisps of softened reeds, dreamy guitars, & intricate percussion, they paint an aural tapestry for the film of existence.  They are often joined by the madly talented & delightful Troy Kunkler on drums & vibraphone. 

Jennifer Dutiel and Kevin Holland formed October Ember in response to the lowest point in their marriage.  Reinventing themselves in San Francisco in 2015 yielded a brutal depression that nearly cost them everything.  They returned to their hometown in Ohio to rekindle their passion, commitment, and joy by creating together through song, and are stronger than ever before. 

With heartfelt & timeless ballads like “The End”, “The Thickets & the Fire”, & “My Devil’s the Storm”, love, loss, & redemption permeate the OE oeuvre. Their songs range in topic from kindness, humanism, mortality, & love to spaceships, devils, light waves, & hallucinations.  A spark forged in the flames of Cohen & Cummings, their lyricism delves into the abyss of human frailty, but surfaces to meet the light ashore. 

Natural genre-hoppers, OE are equally adept at writing love songs as they are fringe fare.  From the sci-fi homage space opera “Pale Blue Dot”, to the ballad of an ill-fated prostitute in the Deadwood-themed “The Gem”, to the psychedelic exploration spawned in “Spore”, the band is never limited to one style. 

October Ember formed & launched their first self-titled EP in 2017.  They have been a staple in their local music scene of Columbus, OH - playing venues, restaurants, bars, house concerts, & outdoor festivals.  They were featured on the Emmy-award winning television show Broad & High in 2020.  Their fan base grew globally via streaming services with the release of a double-EP in 2020.  The next two years saw the release of 11 new singles along with companion videos. 

In the Fall of 2021, OE began a dedicated live-streaming schedule of three times per week on Twitch, sometimes broadcasting for up to 11 hours straight.  They have built a worldwide following, & regularly play their own originals, covers, improvisations, soundscapes, read poetry, & discuss art, music, philosophy, & existential matters with their incredible online community. 

They recently opened Café Cashew, a picnic table in their front yard serving the hippest squirrel & bird wildlife in their local scene.


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